Pet foster program of VAW shelter clients in Ottawa and surrounding areas

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Please use this form to contact us with general inquiries regarding SafePet Ottawa.

If you require foster care for your animal, please call the VAW shelter that you plan on admitting yourself to and they will provide you with the phone numbers for who to call and directions for where to go to relocate your pet.

**SafePet Ottawa’s mandate is to provide foster care for the pets of survivors who are currently residing in VAW shelters throughout Ontario and Quebec or are participating in a Transitional Housing Support Program. We cannot offer our fostering service to those outside a known VAW shelter or those who are not participating in a Transitional Housing Support Program. If you require assistance in finding a VAW shelter near you, please see the Help Steps on this page.

Find a list of VAW Shelter contacts here.

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Make a Much-Needed Item Donation

If you have gently-used equipment or pet care supplies, food, gift cards or loyalty cards (or anything else listed on this page), please use the form to put in a request to drop-off your items or to have a volunteer pick them up at a designated place and time.