Pet foster program of VAW shelter clients in Ottawa and surrounding areas

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Call for Applicants: Lead Foster Homes

*This is not a Board role.

We are accepting applications from local Ottawa residents — both current and non SafePet members can qualify —  who aspire to become more involved in their community through volunteer work. We are seeking motivated individuals to assist in overseeing a community of foster homes within the SafePet Ottawa program. A Lead Foster Home acts in cooperation with our Foster Coordinator to provide support and guidance to foster homes in different neighbourhoods across Ottawa. Currently we are looking for lead foster homes for the following sectors:

    • Barrhaven
    • Nepean
    • Kanata
    • Ottawa West: Carleton Place, Carp, Stittsville & surrounding areas
    • Westboro/Hintonberg
    • Downtown/Centretown
    • Orleans/Glucester /Ottawa East

 More details on the unique opportunity to become a Lead Foster Home below.

Responsibilities include:

  • Managing 10 – 20 foster homes in your neighbourhood — generally only a maximum of 5 would be actively fostering an animal
  • Completing home visits for potential new fosters (applications sent by foster coordinator)
  • Following-up with active fosters, performing check-ins to help them feel supported and as a reminder that they have someone they can talk to or go to if they’re experiencing any foster-related issues.
  • Ensuring that fosters have adequate supplies.
  • Building ongoing relationships with foster homes
  • Minimum of 1 in-home visit per month when there is a pet in the home, or 1 phone call or email per month when there are no pets in the home to maintain community relationships and build foster retention
  • Being socially active and willing to meet with any of your fosters at their home for discussion, support, answering questions and giving advice
  • Must be willing to take phone calls and answer emails from fosters (from within your assigned community) during all hours of the day & night (Note: only emergency calls can be expected outside of regular daytime hours and we encourage our foster homes to respect their Lead Foster Home and Foster Coordinator’s time and privacy)
  • Troubleshooting common issues & dilemmas (ex. training solutions such as potty training, chewing, mental games) that occur in your foster homes, seeking guidance and assistance from foster coordinator as needed.
  • Relaying extreme or serious matters that require Foster Coordinator intervention (i.e aggression)
  • Assisting in finding placements when fosters are on vacation
  • Engaging with the Foster Coordinator on a monthly basis either by scheduled phone call or in-person meeting to provide updates on the foster homes under your purview
  • Attending training sessions as provided by SafePet Ottawa
  • Assist in continuing to develop the SafePet Ottawa foster program guidelines and procedures


  • Must apply online for the position and undergo an interview process, which may include a criminal record check
  • Must possess excellent interpersonal skills; written and verbal communication skills, and can demonstrate the ability to remain calm & react responsibly within emergency situations
  • Lead foster homes may act as fosters at their discretion

If you are interested in becoming a Lead Foster Home please send an email to FOSTER@SAFEPETOTTAWA.COM with the following application included:


  1. Full Name
  2. Home Address and Daytime Phone Number
  3. Which community sector(s) would you be interested in managing?
  4. How did you learn about SafePet Ottawa?
  5. Why are you the best candidate for this role?
  6. What is your past experience in the animal rescue community?
    • How experienced are you with dogs?
    • How experienced are you with cats?
    • How experienced are you with other animals?
  7. What kind of training methods are you most familiar and comfortable with?
  8. What is your experience in managing and empowering a team of individuals?
  9. What else would you like us to know about you?

Please provide answers drawn from personal experience to these theoretical situations:

  1. A foster calls and says they have allergies to the foster pet in their care and they want the pet out ASAP. What would you do?
  2. It’s 8:30pm on a Saturday night and despite doing your home visit 2 days ago the foster has *shockingly* ran out of dog food. What is your plan?
  3. Your foster home breaches the rules of confidentiality they agreed to adhere to when they joined the SafePet program. How would you handle that situation?
  4. The foster calls to tell you the puppy keeps peeing on the carpet. What steps would you advise them to take?
Call for Applicants: Supplies & Transfers Coordinator

*This is not a Board role.

Responsibilities include:

Transferring and delivering donated supplies, which can include the following but are not limited to:

  • Animal crates
  • Animal food (restrictions in place on accepting food)
  • Fostering equipment for animals, including clothing, booties, etc.


  • Reporting to a designated SafePet Board member on a continuous basis
  • Maintaining inventory of supplies and keep note of items that require replenishing
  • Transferring supplies to a designated SafePet storage facility for safekeeping immediately after supplies are picked up or shortly thereafter

Estimated time requirement per week: 2-4 hours (depending on amount of donations that we receive)

Apply for this position by email to