Pet foster program of VAW shelter clients in Ottawa and surrounding areas

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SafePet Ottawa Now a Registered Canadian Charity

Thank you for your patience — we are excited to announce that SafePet Ottawa is now a registered charity! We can now provide donors with tax receipts. 


It feels good to donate. We are not funded by any government bodies or programs. All of our equipment, pet food and veterinary fees are paid for by money raised by fundraising or given to us by generous people like you! Our OVMA SafePet Ottawa Veterinary clinics provide free intake examinations; they also bring companion animals up to date on all necessary vaccinations.

Your donations make it possible for us to provide a higher level of veterinary care when it is needed; to deworm and treat pre-existing medical conditions, for example.  Over the summer months, we always treat pets to prevent heart worm. It adds up, but it is worth it!

Your donations also provide our foster animals with food, bedding, dishes, leashes and crates.  With your help, SafePet foster animals can be sent home to their owners with their “I’m Going Home” package that includes the bedding they are now used to, the dishes they now call their own and the crates that gave then their sense of “my quiet space.” These items make their transition back to their owner easier for the Owner and much easier for the foster Pet.


Donate Now Through!

The SafePet Ottawa pet foster program is a volunteer-run, non-profit organization. We ask for generous people to donate as well as raise funds by fundraising and applying for grants. Money is always needed for veterinary exams, vaccinations, sterilization, emergency procedures, medications, good quality pet food, high caloric supplements, gas for transportation, animal equipment, grooming, cleaning supplies and many other necessities.


SafePet Ottawa is grateful to accept your gently-used pet tools & equipment, food, gift cards or rewards & loyalty cards, as well as many other needed items.

Please see the list below for ideas of what is in need right now:

See List of Much Needed Items

While we are always grateful to receive your generous donations, here are some common items that are always much needed:

  • Cat and dog crates or carriers of all sizes (wire and plastic)
  • Gates and pens for safe confinement
  • Food and water dishes of all sizes (dishwasher-friendly)
  • Bedding and blankets of all sizes (machine washable)
  • Kitty litter pans and litter
  • Dishwasher-safe or machine washable cat and dog toys
  • Food for cats, dogs, small animal pellets, bird seed and occasionally, horse feed
  • Gift cards and store points. We will accept any kind of gift card for any store. We will use them to buy pet-related items such as linens or food, or we will silent auction them off to raise funds for SafePet. We will happily accept Canadian Tire money or Shoppers Optimum points as well.

A SafePet volunteer will happily travel to pick-up your donated goods. To arrange for pick-up, please contact us using the general contact form.


Please use this form to request a drop-off of your donated items to a volunteer of SafePet Ottawa.

If you have gently-used equipment or pet care supplies, food, gift cards or loyalty cards (or anything else listed on this page), please use the form below to put in a request to drop-off your items at a designated place and time.

Donation Request
First & Last
In case we need to coordinate pick-up or drop-off of items.
In case we need to coordinate pick-up or drop-off of items.
Include details about where & when you'd like them picked-up if you are unable to drop-off.

Become a SafePet Foster or Volunteer

SafePet Ottawa man with dog

We are in desperate need of qualified Fosters to temporarily house pets in need of security.

To apply to become a SafePet foster, please fill out this Foster Application form.


Help us out however you can.

Volunteers of all types are greatly appreciated. To apply to become a SafePet Volunteer and join us in our efforts to help women and their beloved companions, please fill out this Volunteer Application form.


Have a look at recent SafePet Ottawa Board position openings and apply to fill a Board position: